Watching No Time to Die at home

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I was among the U.S. audience that viewed No Time to Die on its first day on video on demand in the U.S.

The experience will depend on your home entertainment setup. In my case, it was a large screen (55 inches) without being gigantic. The picture quality (via Amazon Prime, one of many available platforms) was fine as was the sound.

I had seen the 25th James Bond film twice in the theater, once on a standard-size screen, the second time on a large screen (but not IMAX). Having the option of subtitles allowed me to pick up a few lines I had missed.

Watching No Time to Die at home may not match the theatrical experience. Mine didn’t. But the quality of the presentation I watched was a reminder of why some viewers skip theaters and wait for video on demand. Also, the availability of IMAX and other large-screen formats can be fleeting.

The VOD version of No Time to Die likely won’t change anybody’s mind. Those who covet the theatrical experience will continue down that route. But, with the right setup, many viewers will find VOD an acceptable alternative. That’s one of many challenges facing theaters.

4 Responses

  1. I have never seen a Bond film older than TSWLM on the big screen. I don’t appreciate them less. FRWL is still the best Bond film, always will be.
    The problems with NTTD have nothing to do with aspect ratio or sound quality. They have to do with political correctness, horrific writing, and letting actors run the franchise (the same thing that destroyed Disney Star Wars).

  2. The agoraphobic and socially awkward thank you for your review.

  3. Did they fix the ending?

  4. No, and they didn’t make Disney Star Wars “non-canon,” either.

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