No Time to Die passes F9 in global box office

No Time to Die passed F9: The Fast Saga in global box office.

The 25th James Bond film’s worldwide box office was $734.1 million as of early Sunday afternoon, according to Box Office Mojo.

That put No Time to Die at the top spot for 2021 among movies released by major U.S. studios. F9 previously held that spot at $721.1 million.

Since late last week, various outlets, such as digital service Puck, Deadline: Hollywood, and said No Time to Die was on the verge of passing F9.

In the U.S., No Time to Die, in its seventh weekend, was No. 7 with $2.7 million. The movie has been available via premium video on demand since Nov. 9. The U.S. theatrical total is $154.7 million, or about 21 percent of the global total.

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  1. Unfortunately that’s still a good 1.3 million (conservatively) away from breaking even with marketing costs added in. Still a win in the age of Covid I guess. Does make one wonder what the budget on the next one will be.

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