With a Mind to Kill is title of new Bond novel

With a Mind to Kill is the title of author Anthony Horowitz’s third James Bond continuation novel, Ian Fleming Publications announced today.

The book, to be published in May 2022, takes place after the events of The Man With the Golden Gun, Ian Fleming’s final Bond novel. IFP provided a cover image and brief synopsis on Twitter.

Horowitz’s two previous Bond continuation novels were Trigger Mortis (set following the events of Fleming’s Goldfinger novel) and Forever and a Day (set before the events of Casino Royale).

In connection with the title reveal, The Express ran a feature story on Horowitz. The writer, Matt Nixson, tweeted out an image of the article.

2 Responses

  1. I assume they are ignoring “Colonel Sun” where M was still alive in the late 60’s.

  2. Wasn’t M very much alive in Colonel Sun? So much for literary continuity.
    With Skyfall M also being killed, it’s now open season on all M’s apparently.
    And with the film-Bond mystique, poisoned, shot-up, and blown to bits, body parts scattered about the Sea of Japan, the Bond world really is in the dumper – both literary and cinematic.
    Shouldn’t be surprised though, Horowitz’s last effort was both preachy and dull.
    Bond really is dead, and original M too.

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