Bond 25 questions: The NTTD script edition

No Time to Die poster

United Artists Releasing, as part of its push to get No Time to Die as many awards as possible. had posted online a PDF of the movie’s final script.

Naturally, the blog has questions.

What was the name of Bond’s boat in Jamaica?

Happenstance. That would appear to evoke a passage from the Goldfinger novel.

Goldfinger said, ‘Mr Bond, they have a saying in Chicago. “Once is Happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action.”‘

Admittedly, it slipped by me that Bond’s boat was named Happenstance. Did No Time to Die have boats named Coincidence and Enemy Action?

How does the script describe Bond’s life in Jamaica?

Here’s how:


He visibly relaxed, walking at an island pace. A Bond we’ve never seen before.

How does the script introduce Paloma (Ana De Armas)?

Like this:

Bond sees a woman in an elegant BLUE DRESS leaning against the counter sipping a drink: PALOMA

Bond approaches, ready for flirtatious banter. She looks up —




You’re late. Vamos

How does the script describe Bond’s death?


Bond arrives at the roof. He has a view to the water and Madeline’s island in the distance. INTERCUT with Madeline.


Madeline. You have made the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. She’s perfect because she came from you.


Oh God! The vial. You’ve been poisoned?


Long contrails of smoke streak from the distance to dozens of white points of light, moving faster and faster toward him.

The missiles break into clusters as they spread for maximum effect. Bond knows he has only milliseconds. He seems to find peace. Breathes in deeply, finding some quiet before —

A massive wave of explosions ripple towards Bond in a strobing and flashing cloud of light.

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