007 film series to be subject of symposium

The James Bond film series is scheduled to be the subject of an online symposium on March 4.

The event, “Cinematic Bond at 60: National and International Perspectives,” will be held at Bournemouth University.

Here is a description:

In 1962 the first James Bond film, Dr No (Terence Young) was released. The film was a huge financial success for EON productions, catapulted Sean Connery to lifelong stardom and started a period of Bondmania that lasted for most of the 1960s. As a cultural icon and cultural phenomenon, James Bond and the Bond film have become a globally recognised brand.

The films have been widely analysed for their spectacle, their often problematic engagement with masculinity, gender relations and cultural appropriation as well as the ideological implications of how they engage with their backdrop of social and geopolitical change across the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. With 2022 marking 60 years of the cinematic Bond and the latest instalment, No Time to Die (Cary Fukunaga), released earlier this year, critical reflections on this ongoing franchise are relevant and timely.

This one-day online symposium, hosted by the History Research Group at Bournemouth University, will offer delegates the opportunity to discuss and interrogate the Bond franchise across diverse concepts.

Admission is free. To see more information (including a link to register), CLICK HERE.

One Response

  1. Considering that there are actually supposedly serious Bond contributors among the fan base commentariat, that think Bond’s seduction of both Pussy in Goldfinger and Pat Fearing in Thunderball, was a form of rape, when in fact both women were essentially saying to Bond, “well played,” then imagine the hysteria that might spew forth from this august gathering.
    “The films have been widely analysed for….. their often problematic engagement with masculinity, gender relations and cultural appropriation”

    Be afraid! Be very 😨

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