Broccoli & Wilson complain about lack of Craig nominations

Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson in November 2011

Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson of Eon Productions told The Times of London in a story pubished March 2 they’re not happy Daniel Craig didn’t get major acting nominations in his final turn as James Bond in No Time to Die.

An excerpt:

“You’re always happy to get nominated,” Wilson says. “But Daniel not getting any nods is really amazing to me.” Broccoli adds: “I think the problem is that he’s so convincing, and so good in the role, that nobody sees him acting.” She has a point. Craig’s wordless projection of heartache and confusion in the opening scenes with Léa Seydoux (the sequence in Matera, Italy) is as accomplished as anything else on this year’s list of Bafta best actors.

“But people need to remember that Daniel is also a producer on this film,” Broccoli says. “So it takes the sting out a little bit for me. He wasn’t nominated as an actor but the film was, and so he is, because he’s in every cell of this film.”

Life can be worse. You could be living in the Ukraine with Russia invading you and attacking nuclear power plants.

3 Responses

  1. Is this why James Bond had to die for an Oscar Nod ?

  2. Maybe they need to accept, he is not that good.

  3. They’re delusional. He looked bored even in Skyfall, and miserable in Spectre (he must have read the script). Consequently, I had no interest in seeing NTTD and skipped the first Bond film that I’ve ever missed since the beginning of the franchise. Throwing more money at him until he caves is not going to help him to have any artistic enthusiasm for a role he’d grown tired of. Give it a rest.

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