State of the Bond franchise: Spring 2022

Image for the official James Bond feed on Twitter

The James Bond film franchise, consisting of the films made by Eon Productions, has reached 25 movies. What’s next?

The run with actor Daniel Craig is over with 2021’s No Time to Die. That run lasted more than 15 years, extended by financial problems at Bond’s home studio, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Eon boss Barbara Broccoli wants to celebrate Craig and No Time to Die. There’s no sign that celebration is over yet.

Since No Time to Die was made, MGM got a new owner in tech giant Amazon. This week, in the U.K., Eon’s 25-film Bond catalog became available via Amazon Prime. Also, Amazon announced a Bond-themed reality show featuring contestants racing around the globe.

But what is happening with the core of the franchise — future James Bond movies?

Is Barbara Broccoli really ready to move on from Daniel Craig? The actor was her choice. Previous Bond actors were chosen by her father, Albert R. Broccoli.

But again, what happens now?

After six decades, the movie business has changed immensely from Dr. No in 1962. Sean Connery’s original film Bond today is derided as “rapey.” Home video and technology changes have altered how viewers get their Bond entertainment.

Once again, Bond is in a state of flux. The character has entered and exited previous such states.

We’ll see how it goes this time.

6 Responses

  1. Given the last films, it’s apparent that EON has completely given up on any fans who admire Fleming’s novels or the vintage films. All can say is, I am glad the good stuff is on Blu Ray..

  2. Prime access to the films only available in the UK?

  3. Probably the killing off of james bond in “NO TIME TO DIE” was a message to fans that after 60 years of making bond films the family owners of the franchise believe this daniel craig era was they’re last movie and saying at the end credits that james bond will return was just a formality. How do you reintroduce a dead character like james bond in bond 26 if we really going to get one in the future ?

  4. I don’t think the newest movie did the franchise justice. Having rewatched the classics with Sean Connery many times, the new films are not very ‘Bond’ like. You might like my post on it

  5. I agree, the latest movies seem to be completely different to Bond movies, more like big action movies.

  6. […] just did one of these posts in April. I really thought that would take care of things for a long time. I was […]

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