Broccoli & Wilson to receive award

Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson of Eon Productions are scheduled to receive the 2022 Pioneers of the Year award by the Will Rogers Motion Pictures Pioneers Foundation.

The 2022 Pioneer of the Year Dinner is set for Sept. 21, according to the foundation’s website. Eon’s official James Bond feed on Twitter also put out an announcement.

Wilson, 80, has been involved with the Bond franchise full-time for 50 years while Broccoli’s full-time involvement goes back 40 years. Both had Bond-related experience before joining Eon full-time.

Wilson is the stepson of Eon co-founder Albert R. Broccoli. Barbara Broccoli is Albert R. Broccoli’s daughter. Barbara Broccoli turns 62 in June.

Here is a description from the Deadline: Hollywood site:

The Pioneer of the Year Award honors leaders in the movie industry whose career achievements and commitment to philanthropy is exemplary. The award, handed out for more than 70 years, is part of a gala to support the foundation’s Pioneers Assistance Fund, which provides financial assistance to individuals in need in the distribution and exhibition community.

Here is the Eon tweet: