Bond 26 questions: The how long (?) edition

Not coming to a theater near you anytime soon

So Barbara Broccoli, boss of Eon Productions, says (in remarks reported by Deadline) that James Bond is about to be reinvented and that filming of Bond 26 won’t take place for at least two years.

Also, she said, there’s no actor and no script. Neither will happen until the reinvention occurs.

Naturally, the blog has questions.

So when might Bond 26 come out? The MI6 James Bond website estimates “2025, possibly later.”

That makes sense. Two years from now is 2024. The film would then go into post-production and may not be out until 2025.

Are there potential complications? Amazon, the new owner of studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, is yet to be heard from. Would Amazon try to pressure Eon to move faster? Or is the tech company satisfied with all the Bond programming Amazon Prime has?

Is this a surprise? No. Eon is not known for advanced planning.

Some Bond fans hoped it’d be different this time. No Time to Die completed filming in fall 2019. It then went on the shelf until fall 2021.

Eon had time to look to the future if it wanted to do so. But Barbara Broccoli said after No Time to Die came out she was celebrating the tenure of Daniel Craig as Bond. She didn’t sound as if she were in a hurry to deal with a post-Craig era.

What might take place because of this? No Time to Die stirred a strongly mixed reaction in the fanbase. For some, Craig/Bond’s death was a bold creative choice. Others strongly did not like it.

Now, that mixed atmosphere will linger, with at least a four-year gap between No Time to Die and Bond 26.

Anything else? It’s getting harder to imagine the likes of Idris Elba (who turns 50 in September), Henry Cavill, 39, or Tom Hardy (who turns 45 in September) being cast as Bond.

Yes, Roger Moore was in his mid-40s when he began his Bond run but that was a different era.

Yes, Craig was in his 50s when his run finally ended. But he’s a special case, given Broccoli’s strong admiration for the actor. She spoke more than once about being in denial that Craig’s time as Bond was ending.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the update Spy Command.
    I have mixed feelings about Eon’s continuing indifference to putting out new Bond movies in a timely fashion. Considering NTTD was ready to go in 2020, a 2025 release would be a second straight 5 year gap between finished products, not to mention the 4 year wait we endured for Skyfall.
    Barbara clearly has other priorities.
    On the bright side though, a re-invented woke Bond as imagined by her, is something to be very very afraid of. It will herald the financial collapse and death of the franchise.
    So the longer she focuses her attention elsewhere, the more time we have for someone else to wrest control of the franchise and restore integrity to the 007 legacy. Maybe Amazon could find a way to shove her aside.
    The longer she delays the better. What she comes up with, might be as appetizing as something served up at Kamal Khan’s dinner table, if we’re lucky.
    Until she moves on, Bond is dead, both literally and figuratively.
    Enjoy the respite. The longer the better.

  2. Give us the classic Bond updated for today.

  3. Wish they would learn from the popularity of the current UK re-issues of the Bonds and go back to what her father, Harry and Ian created or just sell and move on to those other ‘successful’ projects. Macbeth 2, anyone?

  4. Macbeth 2: Scottish Boogaloo

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