Terence Young accused of sexual harassment on Dr. No

The Really 007 podcast has released an interview with Marguerite LeWars, 82, in which the actress said Dr. No director Terence Young harassed her in 1962.

“I’m going to tell you something I’ve never told anyone ever before,” LeWars said just before the 22:00 mark.

LeWars said Young asked her to attend the wrap party in a limousine. “I’m sorry to say that Terence became aggressively making a pass at me. …He actually grabbed me in various places.”

LeWars says she slapped Young twice. The director, Lewis said, threatened to cut her out of the movie.

LeWars played a photographer in the employ of Dr. No who tries to get a photo of James Bond (Sean Connery) at the Kingston, Jamaica, airport.

“I never ever told anyone,” she repeated on the podcast. The actress said the incident explained why she was dubbed in the movie.

You can view the podcast here:

4 Responses

  1. It’s always sort of painful to find out about this sort of thing. I think pretty much every director or actor I enjoyed during that age of Hollywood sexually harassed at least one actress in their careers.

  2. Terence Young isn’t here to give his side of the story, which may be completely different. That said, I would tend to believe her story simply because the culture was so misogynist back in 1962.

  3. Marguerite LeWars was Miss Jamaica 1959, and she was a great presence in “Dr. No” – that scene where she cuts Quarrel across the face with the broken flashbulbs is classic (“You’ll get nothin’ out of her, Captain!’). They originally cast her in the Miss Taro role, but she turned it down because its blatent sexuality offended her. Unfortunately, her experience on the film had to be dreadful from the harassment by Young, and God knows what else happened to her on the set. The proof is in the pudding – if you go to her IMdb page, she never made another film.

  4. Sixty years before saying anything? Fashionable thing these days.
    That said, her silence may have opened the path to others getting the same treatment and THAT is all her fault.

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