‘Code Name Theory’ continues

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Nature abhors a vacuum. With the James Bond film franchise, the “code name theory” (that each James Bond actor represents a different character) continues with the ending of No Time to Die.

Here is an excerpt of a Screenrant story published July 12:

Even so, there is a strong argument that Bond 26, and whoever takes over the role, would benefit from acknowledging the death of Daniel Craig’s incarnation of James Bond. This would also potentially allow for the acceptance of the long-held theory that 007/James Bond is a codename or honorific title given to spies over the years.

Right, you mean how the Elmo Lincoln, Johnny Weissmuller, Mike Henry, Ron Ely (and a lot of other actors) versions of Tarzan had code names? Or how Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, and Robert Pattinson were supposedly playing different characters who happened to named Bruce Wayne who was also Batman?

Give it a rest.

There is no strong argument for the next Bond actor to “acknowledge” the code name theory. Bond is like other long-lasting characters. Should there be a “code name theory” for Sherlock Holmes?

No. Let it go. Stop it. Stop it now.

Meanwhile, the public accepts all these different versions of Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan and Batman. For some reason, the “code name theory” lingers for Bond.

Yes, the Bond film series has one production company. But Eon said in 2005 it was *starting over* with Casino Royale. People (and entertainment websites hungry for clicks) won’t let this go.

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  1. Words of wisdom!

  2. One agent from Dr. No to Die Another Day on a sliding timeline.
    Casino Royale was the re bbot

  3. The never proven,and overly contrived “CODE NAME THEORY” exists solely to allow those in power at EON who are 100% WOKE, to envision a completely different James Bond. And why ? Because like it or not, the “James Bond” character, as imagined by Ian Fleming, is the diametrically opposite character to a WOKE person. In short, a courageous, take bo prisoner, patriotic, defender of the British Realm, James Bond, is the BIGGEST CINEMATIC THREAT to these Radical Leftists who have given birth to this woke ideology. Everything that woke touches, it kills. If you have EON already bending to the knee to appease its newly established Woke Hollywood partners at Amazon, expect more than just the END of James Bond. Expect the END of an entire courageous male character. In short, expect to be shocked with their WORST movie offering in 60 years.

  4. Bill, you forgot Ben Affleck in your Bat rundown 😎

    “One agent from Dr. No to Die Another Day on a sliding timeline.”

    This is all that need be said. Anyone that actually knows the films, knows this to be true.
    Connery’s Never Say Never Again and the Daniel Craig 5-pak are simply the same character but different timeline. This is obvious.

    No serious Bond fan indulges the Code Name blah blah. The discussion is engaged only by those whose Bond-film IQ is on the very low side.

  5. @NoTimeToCry
    You are 100% right. The next offering from EON (if they ever get around to it) can be tossed in the trash in advance. Barbara has indeed killed Bond. Her reimagined Bond will be a woke joke, that will tank box office. The fact that she thinks this iconic hero needs reimagining at all, is the franchise’s death blow.
    Bond is dead and done. It was a good 20 film run. The six ’60s films are cinematic classics, lending themselves to endless repeat views. The Moore Dalts and Broz films all carry forward the legacy with many repeat views too, as did Sean’s older Bond one-off. By contrast, I’ve still only watched No Time To Die twice, once in cinema, and once on bluray. Any other Bond I would have seen 10x by now, even the other Craig films – the ones where he doesn’t get killed.
    The Craig films though IMO are only a curiosity, a sidebar, as they are ultimately about a conflicted agent, whose ignominious fate is to go out, blown to bits, body parts scattered about the Sea of Japan. I’ve lost any further interest in them, as they’ve been reduced to Dead Bond Walking films. Craig and Barbara have destroyed the Bond mystique, and Barbara has served notice, she intends to do further damage. Never mind Ernst, Auric or No, she is the ultimate Bond villain.

  6. These woke comments are in jest, right? It’s so hard to decipher sarcasm on the internet…

  7. Here is another excerpt from the utterly stupid Screenrant story linked by Spycommander in the original post
    “While Bond 26 can’t be another origin story, it would be the perfect opportunity to fully embrace the codename theory since it is a natural and obvious starting point for the next phase of the franchise. The death of Daniel Craig’s Bond would be the ideal place for this to happen since it provides a completely blank canvas for the next James Bond to work with. This certainly appears to have been Daniel Craig’s own belief. As he told his Skyfall co-star Javier Bardem (via Variety):

    “I wanted to kill him [Bond] off a long time ago… I felt like I needed to end what I did on it, and that I would only be satisfied if I could walk away and there was nowhere else for that to go. That someone else would have to come along and invent something completely different.””

    ===Craig actually says here that he always wanted his Bond to be killed off, because he couldn’t abide that another actor might pick-up his continuity.
    This is both arrogant and absurd in the extreme. A new Bond actor could easily have picked up as Bond-on-mission with a soft reboot. The bulk of the Craig storylines could have been ignored. Bond could have continued indefinitely with a similar sliding timeline, as the first 20 films did.
    There was no need to kill off his Bond. That’s just a conceit of Craig’s.
    If I could roll back time, the Craig era never would have happened.
    A new actor or even Broz could have done Casino Royale in the original continuity. Fleming never wrote Casino Royale as an origin story anyway. in Fleming’s first book we meet Bond as fully formed 00 agent.
    Anyway, what’s done is done. Craig got his wish and had his Bond killed off, in the process destroying the Bond mystique to satisfy his own massive ego.

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