1988: Licence to Kill treatment Part II

Licence to Kill’s poster

We pick up the 1988 treatment by Richard Maibaum and Michael G. Wilson after Felix Leiter has gotten married to Della.

The newlyweds drive off in a car. Meanwhile, Bond’s attention is drawn to “Pamela, standing alone further down the curb.” Bond attracts a cab and offers Pam a ride. “Thank you, no.”

Bond “accepts the rebuff with a smile and slight shrug, then gets into the cab,” the treatment says.

Meanwhile, Franz Sanchez is being questioned by Hawkins, Leiter’s associate, and Killifer. “a tough experienced D.E.A. agent.” As in the final film, Sanchez says he’s willing to pay $2 million to whoever helps him get away. Also, as in the final movie, Killifer makes a show of being offended.

Bond has made it to the “crowded wedding reception.” He encounters Della. “Obviously old friends she holds up the ring, laughing, says it took a long while but was worth it.”

Della asks Bond to get Leiter. Bond then finds Leiter in conversation with Pamela, who quickly exits.

From here, the treatment is very similar to the film, with Killifer helping Sanchez escape. We then go back to the wedding party as it is breaking up, with Bond one of the last guests.

Leiter tells Bond his honeymoon with Della will be a long one. Leiter is retiring, according to the treatment. “He’ll go partners with Jericho and he and Della will spawn a few sprats.”

After Bond leaves, Della says: “What’s this sprat stuff? Just a fish story or on the level?”

Leiter laughs and draws her closer. “Let’s find out. We’ll clean up, tomorrow.”

Things quickly go awry as Sanchez’s goons attack Leiter. Della is horrified as her husband slumps to his knees.

The treatment then shifts to Milton Krest’s Ocean Exotica Warehouse. Krest is described as “a burly, coarse, florid-faced American drug distributor.” Krest’s business, we’re told, is a front for drug operations. Killifer also is present.

As in the final film, Sanchez is going to get even with Leiter. “Sanchez castigates him for daring to think he could destroy him. To Sanchez he is nothing but a cockroach to be stepped on. But he can be useful as an example of what happens to those who stand in his way.”

As Leiter is about to get chewed on by a shark, he says, “See you in hell.”

Sanchez’s response is a bit longer than the final film. “Yes, a living hell. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”

After the shark has attacked Leiter, Sanchez instructs Dario. “Pull him up,” Sanchez says. “I want enough left for his people to see.”

The next morning, Bond is at the Key West airport. He spots a newspaper headline: “COLONEL CRACK ESCAPES.” Bond quickly leaves and heads to Leiter’s bungalow. He finds Della’s body (the treatment specifies she has been strangled). He also discovers Leiter, his hair still wet, barely alive.