WB to distribute MGM movies internationally, Deadline says

MGM logo

Warner Bros. has agreed to distribute Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer films internationally, Deadline: Hollywood reported.

The agreement begins with “with Luca Guadagnino’s Bones and All in November and continuing with the 2023 slate and beyond; the second title under the pact being Creed III in March,” Deadline said.

However, Warner Bros., part of Warner Bros. Discovery, will not be involved with MGM’s James Bond series right away.

No Time to Die, the most recent Bond film, was distributed by Universal internationally. That will remain in effect for Bond 26, according to Deadline.

“The terms of the new Warner Bros. agreement with MGM include the foreign distribution of subsequent 007 films from Bond 27 onward,” according to the entertainment news website.

Barbara Broccoli, the head of Eon Productions, which makes the Bond films, has said it will be “at least two years” before Bond 26 begins filming. That would imply Bond 26 won’t be out until 2025 or so.

On the Warner Bros. side, the new agreement was hammered out by Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy. They were formerly film executives at MGM.

Eon spoke highly of De Luca and Abdy and said it hoped they’d be retained after Amazon completed its acquisition of MGM. Instead, De Luca and Abdy departed and landed at Warner Bros.

Licence to Kill treatment: Bond buys a boat

Licence to Kill’s poster

The blog continues its examination of a 1988 treatment by Richard Maibaum and Michael G. Wilson for what would become Licence to Kill. Thanks to Gary J. Firuta who provided the treatment.

Bond has gotten a lead in his quest to seek revenge against Franz Sanchez. But how will he make a key meeting?

At the marina in Key West, Bond encounters “a sportsman” who “works on a cigarette boat.”

Bond asks if he can rent the boat.

“No way,” the man responds.

Bond asks if he can buy the boat.

“More than you got, wise ass.”

Bond tells him to name his price. “Sportsman thinks Bond is a nut,” the treatment says.

“Okay. A hundred grand.”

“Does that include a full tank of petrol?” Bond asks. Bond “pulls cash out of his pockets and hands it to the astounded sportsman.”

What follows is similar to the final movie with some differences.

“Bond’s cigarette boat is tied up with small craft around the Barrelhead, a disreputable cafe. Bond enters and looks around. The place is a hangout for smugglers and other waterfront low-life. Three bored strippers go through the motions without attracting much attention.”

Bond asks to see “Bouvier,” and a bouncer “gestures toward a shadowy figure alone at a corner table behind a bottle and two glasses.” It’s Pamela, the woman Bond met at Leiter’s. She is wearing jeans, shirt and a padded vest. Her hair “is held by a headband.”

“An unexpected pleasure,” Bond tells Pamela. “For a moment I didn’t recognize you.”

“My work clothes,” Pamela responds. She gestures for Bond to sit down. She says the bottle contains, “Local rot gut.”

Bond “beckons” a waiter and orders his trademark vodka martini. “No fancy drinks,” the waiter says. “You take it the way it comes.”

Bond and Pamela compare notes. Then, as in the film, Sanchez’s thug Dario enters. Dario and his fellow thugs go up to the table where Bond and Pamela are sitting. A fight quickly ensues.

At one point, “Dario grabs the bottle of rot gut and raises it to clobber her,” according to the treatment. “Bond, who has drawn his PPK, hits him with the butt. Dario crashes to the floor.”

It’s more complicated than that, of course. The description in the treatment is very similar to the finished film. Pamela blasts a hole in the wall and she and Bond depart. Dario shoots Pamela in the back but she survives thanks to her bulletproof vest (the word “Kevlar” is not mentioned).

“What the girl who has everything needs,” Bond says.

“Mother said never to be without it,” Pamela responds. “Where are you going?”

The answer is the airport as part of the next step of his quest for Sanchez.

As in the final film, the boat runs out of fuel. Pamela complains about her clothes being wet. She changes into “a terry cloth robe too large for her.”

“I had you pegged all wrong,” Pamela tells Bond. “When you came in I thought you were a chauvinistic wimp about to get his ass kicked.”

“What do you you think now?” Bond asks.

“You didn’t get your ass kicked. I’m keeping an open mind about the rest.”

Pamela “leans over him. The robe opens.”

Bond “reaches up and draws her down to him. They kiss. He starts to roll her over.”

“Careful, I have a bruised back, remember?” Pamela says.

She “sits up and reverses their positions,” according to the treatment.

“I see I have to teach you some new tricks,” Pamela tells Bond.

“Surprise me,” Bond says.