Graham Rye talks about his relationship with 007 films

Logo for Graham Rye’s 007 Magazine

Graham Rye, the publisher of 007 Magazine, has come out with an article (a decade old) about his long relationship with the Bond film series.

To be honest, Rye can be prickly. I’ve had my own encounters with him.

But Rye has been there since the beginning of the Bond movies. So he is a voice that can’t be ignored.

Rye has an extensive photographic inventory of Bond-related images.

According to the article for 007 Magazine by Luke G. Williams, Rye “once likened his relationship with Eon as a marriage in which ‘irreconcilable differences’ had caused a breakdown in the relationship leading to divorce.”

Regardless, Rye and his 007 Magazine have many followers. As we approach the 60th anniversary of the 007 film series, Rye has been a prominent figure. He remains so to this day.

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  1. A have fond memories many years ago when i first joined Graham Rye’s then named “james bond british fan club” (JBBFC). The year was (1986) when timothy Dalton took over as the new james bond. His magazine gave fans around the world up close news and behind the scene’s of photo’s from “the living daylights” during production. Graham’s team on producing the james bond magazine and newsletters were first class. In my opinion, Graham Rye is the Encyclopedia when it comes to the history of james bond and his creator/novelist ian fleming, if anybody deserves a special award Graham Rye his decade’s of work is a real labour of love.

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