Off-beat ideas for Bond 26 (and beyond)

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen various fan suggestions for Bond 26. Among the suggestions:

Bring Pierce Brosnan back for a proper farewell: Pierce Brosnan starred in four Bond movies produced by Eon Productions.

The relationship ended abruptly after 2002’s Die Another Day. Eon had gotten the film rights for Casino Royale, the first Bond novel by Ian Fleming. Brosnan was out, Daniel Craig was in, and he enjoyed (well maybe) a 15-year run.

Still, many Bond fans wonder what could have been. The argument goes that Brosnan, now 69, could come back for a one-off adventure featuring an older Bond.

Hey, what about Henry Cavill?!: Cavill, born 1983, was runner-up when Craig was cast in 2005.

In recent months, Eon’s Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, have suggested they want an actor who could be in place for more than a decade. Wilson, in particular, has tossed out the idea that the next Bond actor should be in his early 30s.

Cavill now is 39. He may have aged out based on Eon’s recent comments.

Should Bond 26 be lighter? That’s a popular fan theory. And in many ways it makes sense. You’ve had five really, really serious Bond films with Craig as Bond. Maybe it’s time for a change in direction.

Personally, I wouldn’t go banco on that. Eon boss Barbara Broccoli seems pretty set in her ways. She has even suggested when Bond 26 gets to the scripting stage (whenever that happens) will begin with Neal Purvis and Robert Wade.

As usual, we’ll see.

2 Responses

  1. Cavill has 2 expressions: morose & very morose. Not a good look for Bond.

  2. I don’t presume your take, but I go back and forth on whether it would have been better or worse if Albert Finney part in Skyfall was played by Sir Sean Connery or not and usually come down in favor of Sean Connery casting. At least it’s a reunion of him and Dench since they were both in ‘An Age of Kings’. Yet I’m even more unsure about Pierce Brosnan’s return or not.

    Something I’ve wondered about is why, of all the places, Ian Fleming made TSWLM’s Viv from Ste-FamIlle [setting it there is like making her from Plymouth, Mass. or Jamestown, Va. in the association that she’s from an old, old family] and I know Dr. Lisa from your podcast is hoping for more positive stuff in the franchise from her homeland [I believe NTTD was going to have Canada sub in for Siberia and TSWLM movie has Mount Asgard on Baffin Island sub in for the Alps] and Ste-Famille is kind of bucolic and pretty.

    Also impressive Ian Fleming made Viv orphaned by a real life plane crash.

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