Footnote to the cinematic 007’s 60th anniversary

Sean Connery in Dr. No: Sorry, Sir Sean, you’re in the back of the pack.

So, the 60th anniversary of the cinematic James Bond still is underway.

Lea Seydoux, who appeared in two of the 25 Eon-produced Bond films (8 percent of the series total), shared her favorite Bond moment on the official Eon Instagram account.

“There are so many, but the scene from NO TIME TO DIE – saying goodbye in the boat is so beautifully shot and poignant. Daniel’s final moments on screen, at the end of his five film run was very emotional for us all.”

That’s to be expected. This reflects Seydoux’s not-so-vast Bond film experience.

Still, the cinematic Bond’s 60th anniversary hasn’t been so much about the character’s long run on movie screens. It has been more about Daniel Craig’s long run as Bond, with Eon boss Barbara Broccoli as her primary backer.

Craig was the first Bond actor chosen by Barbara Broccoli. Pierce Brosnan was the final Bond chosen by Broccoli’s father, Albert R. “Cubby” Broccoli.

No Time to Die, Craig’s last Bond film, came out a year ago. We still hear about how he was a great Bond.

When does Eon finally let Craig go?

We don’t know. It will be *years* before the next film Bond debuts.

We’ll see.

2 Responses

  1. If Eon / Broccoli has lost interest in Bond, maybe ending it now isn’t the worst.

    I will cherish Bond by rewatching the movies once in a while (except for NTTD which simply I cannot watch beyond the Cuba scenes). But I can find closure in that this series found its end.

    I don’t want Eon/Barbara Broccoli to do any half-hearted reboot experiment.

  2. For one Barbara drives me crazy.. she can’t let go. She had to tie in Craig with every opportunity. Two, I will be pleasantly surprised if she does another Boned movie, the only reason she’s not moving forward with another picture is because she has no interest, the idea of creating something after the mess she has made may be too much for her to handle. My opinion as a bond fan for 45 of the 60 years

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