Happy holidays 2022 from The Spy Command

Our annual greeting

The accompanying graphic has been the blog’s annual Christmas/holiday season greeting since 2011. It’s a tradition and things wouldn’t be the same without it.

This year saw the 60th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise. Dr. No debuted on Oct. 5, 1962. It was the start of a long run, albeit with various bumps along the way. It was also a year with fans wondering what is coming next and when concerning Bond 26.

The graphic used in this post was designed by Paul Baack (1957-2017). It’s just one sample of his artistic handiwork. He designed it when the blog was part of the Her Majesty’s Secret Servant website (1997-2014).

To the blog’s readers: Thanks for being here. If you’ve got some time off, enjoy it.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone.

4 Responses

  1. Back at you my friend. Have a happy and safe holiday, and thanks for all things Bond plus you have provided throughout the year. Bob M.

  2. Merry Holiday Greetings to you! With much appreciation for the interesting stories you write year round! And for the mention of our favorite fandoms!!

  3. Merry Christmas and remember, don’t touch the atomizer! 😉

  4. Merry christmas and a happy new year to the spy command blog and it’s managing editor when it comes. However, it has been an eventful 60th Anniversary of the first james bond film “DR.NO” (1962). Especially for a new generation of james bond fans worldwide. Us fans look towards the coming year or two for the news of a new actor to play bond in a new movie, will it be Henry cavill the peoples choice ? Who knows .

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