State of the Bond franchise: Year-end 2022

The year of the 60th anniversary of the James Bond movie franchise is drawing to an end. What happens next?

The thing is, nobody outside of Eon Productions (and their film partners Amazon and MGM) really knows.

Nature abhors a vacuum. So it is with the future of the cinematic James Bond.

One U.K. tabloid, Rupert Murdoch’s The Sun, claims that Aaron Taylor-Johnson, has the inside track to be the next cinematic Bond. But nobody else has confirmed that. For now, The Sun is alone, out on that limb.

One Bond fan YouTube Channel has suggested Christopher Nolan has an inside track to be Bond 26’s director. But we’ve heard that song before.

One Spanish-language Bond fan site once claimed in 2017 that Nolan would direct Bond 25/No Time to Die. This week, that same site did a gag post saying it had confirmed Taylor-Johnson would be the new film Bond. Dec. 28 is the Spanish equivalent of April Fools. You might think that’s funny but it’s not a way to enhance your credibility.

All of this reflects a thirst, a hunger, for ANYTHING about ACTUAL, REAL information about the future of the cinematic 007.

Barbara Broccoli, the boss of Eon Productions, said repeatedly it would be at least two years before Bond 26 would start filming. Supposedly, Eon is doing a deep dive into Bond’s movie future.

Broccoli’s father, Albert R. Broccoli, once (between May 1985 and July 1987) changed creative direction and cast not one, but two Bond actors (Pierce Brosnan first and when that didn’t work out, Timothy Dalton).

Is this a serious deliberation? Of course. But it’s not rocket science. James Bond is James Bond. The character has been adapted to the times on numerous occasions.

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll know more in 2023.

Until then, happy New Year.

3 Responses

  1. The actor taylor johnson could be in the running, but the rumor is he did a screen-test for the james bonnd role. However, it doesn’t mean he’s the next actor for bond 26. We have probably two (2) more years before it’s official, my bets are still on Henry cavill at this time happy new year “THE SPY COMMAND” and it’s readers.

  2. Happy New Year when it comes Bill and Spy Command Readers. I have sympathy with the producers that they need to get the next evolution of the Bond series right – I think the series is at a crucial point in its history were it needs to attract a bigger younger audience while retaining the interest of those of us who have followed the series and spent money to keep the franchise going up to now. They do need to be careful not to over think it though – in a world where younger audiences crave content they need to get these films out on a more regular basis and have a more visible ongoing marketing machine to keep the franchise in audiences mind, otherwise younger audience will look elsewhere or simply overlook the series as essential viewing entirely. Even here in the UK the advent of streaming has meant the bank holiday Bond film is no longer such a strong hook to bring in new fans as it has been for multiple generations that came before. I hope they present something of their vision for the future before the end of 2023, but time will tell

  3. @Angus McMillan

    They won’t care about the money we spent. However, I cling on to the hope of getting that traditional Bond film we want because of the success of the Mission Impossible films. I hope they do it right instead of just doing an unwelcome duplication of the team aspect in MI.

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