James Bond Radio podcast ends

The James Bond Radio podcast has ended after almost nine years.

Co-host Tom Sears disclosed the development in a short episode today. Sears said he and Chris Wright, the other co-host, have personal reasons for pulling the plug on the podcast. James Bond Radio began in 2014.

Sears said James Bond Radio would maintain a social media presence.

James Bond Radio, in addition to chat about Bond, also talked to 007 film crew members and people with ties to the literary Bond.

The podcast’s biggest “get” was a 2016 interview with Roger Moore a year before the 007 actor died. Moore’s voice (“Hi, this is Roger Moore and you’re listening to James Bond Radio”) has been used to start off episodes.

Below is the YouTube version of today’s episode with the announcement.

5 Responses

  1. Was a great podcast and so sad to hear of Chris’s loss

  2. Probably one of best podcast’s around, thanks for the energy and fun you two hosts has put into giving us james bond fans around the world. Yes. The best of all james bond radio’s podcasts was the sir. Roger moore interview still can’t believe it happen. Tom sears & chris wright i wish you both good luck in what you both do. It’s been a great journey over the years listening to you both entertain us.

  3. Tom sears always uses the “l.am gutted” anytime a we lose a celebrity from the james bond community, the two hosts tom sears & chris wright are the james bond community’s biggest celebrities. We are sorry for the ending of such a wonderful podcast however, once a bond fan always a bond your’e memories will always be with us walk-good guys in anything you do in life.

  4. Very sad to hear about Chris’s loss. Praying for their families. Life is so much more important than a podcast, I respect them and all their amazing efforts over the last decade. Best of luck with the future!

  5. So sorry to Chris for his loss.

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