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Over the decades, James Bond fans have gotten into spirited debates.

I’ve been on the receiving end of such debates. People I once thought were friends have unloaded on me.

That’s how it goes. I’ve been accused as rooting for James Bond films to perform badly at the box office.

Is that true? No. Still, it happens.

People like to think there’s a “James Bond Community.”

That’s a nice idea. It evokes how fans from many walks of life can come together.

Yet, it doesn’t always work out that way. There are fans representing many generations. Some of those fans believe they *know* more than others.

What’s more, some of those fans disagree. Their positions erupt into disagreements that are difficult to reconcile. What were once friendships are disrupted, never to come back together.

That’s life. That can occur with any long-running enterprise.

4 Responses

  1. Anyone who enjoyed NTTD or justifies its ending is not a fan. One of the fundamentals of Bond, going back to the books, is BOND CANNOT DIE.

  2. Wow. What an eye-opening clarification regarding the entrenchment of JB’s fans. Is it about taking too much ownership over the characters, or excessively personalizing them. If stalwart ST:TOS fans (originalists) never budged, no franchise, and no pleasure offered to new generations. But it doesn’t force me to be affected. Thankfully we (originalists) have 79 episodes of ST and 106 of MFU that we treasure.

    Time is the endless challenge. Does imagination handle it or fight it. Because the choices are new actors spinning old characters. Or the sensitive and rational transition (or evolution) of the story arc. Meaning, there needs be a connection!

    Unless considered in its own right. MFU’s 2015 radical departure failed to honor the principle of the TV Series. Extraordinary changes weren’t supported. Either by a sensible transition or a reasonable backstory. In the case of Return, and as a hobby, built a backstory to fill in the fifteen year gap. Weaving in clues (excuses) from MFU scripts, and deepening the characters’ personalities. Including a plot for justifying continuation, with a possibility of going in several directions. Not that there wasn’t any room to quibble over details. But with no excuse for killing off a friendship. Though there is also virtue in remaining anonymous (Wink!).

    Perhaps JB fans suffered from too much range in the franchise. Meaning the choice of the actors (personality-wise) and how plots were handled. Was Kirk the best Captain, except young Kirk was interesting, and Spock in various iterations. But plots are plots, good vs. bad, and we know how it’s gonna end. Except I wouldn’t be killing off my Hero, not in MFU or the WWW. And only science fiction permitted that rope in ST. Otherwise is there a reason to be a Fan. Or just a movie enthusiast. What a regret to loose relationships over a fictional universe. Don’t we turn to entertainment to escape! Not to make ourselves feel worse. Am sorry for your losses. JMHO.

  3. The James Bond community IMO was fine until the Craig era. Squabbles within the community before Craig, were generally harmless, even constructive and entertaining. Fans were still united by their love of the films, and others by their dedication to both Fleming and the films. I’ve always put the 7 Connery-Laz films and the 2 Guy Hamilton Moore films on a pedestal, but still very much enjoy and treasure the 11 films that followed, plus the Connery independent effort. HOWEVER the last Craig film taints his whole era. I’ve never much liked the Craig films. I’ve patiently endured their tedious dramatic pretensions, almost anti-Bond conceits, and indifference to timely release dates. But the last film crossed the line. So, as long as Barbara continues to lead the franchise, I absolutely do hope all future Bond projects under her direction, bomb miserably, which I think they most likely will.
    C’est la vie. Bond had a good 40 yr, 20 film run. It’s OK to hate the Craig era! It was crafted by two people (actor and lead producer) who really aren’t fans of 007 anyway. Maybe down the road, after the franchise has crashed and burned, someone else might revive the familiar Bond persona and return 007 to his former glory!

  4. I’ve been a fan since I saw Goldfinger in the theaters. I’ve seen the ups and the downs. My lowest-rated Craig flick is Spectre and it still rates above the last two Brosnan and Moore films which I found close to unwatchable. The fact that Bond died in NTTD is actually bringing some reality to the series. In Casino Royale, he said “Well, I understand 00s have a very short life expectancy… so your mistake will be short-lived.” Fleming resurrected Bond in Dr. No but let’s face it, he killed him in FRWL. They’re movies. Enjoy the ones you enjoy and ignore the ones you don’t. I’m just hoping they are going to make some more. Haven’t seen a lot of interest from BB in restarting the process or selling it all to Amazon.

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