A Hawaii Five-O scribe dies

Hawaii Five-O logo in the main title

Robert Janes, who wrote several of the late episodes of Hawaii Five-O, has died at age 82, according to the Writer’s Guild of America website.

Janes’ association with the series began with the first episode of the 1977-78 season, Up the Rebels. That would be the final acting credit for actor Stephen Boyd. Boyd played an Irish terrorist who disguised himself as a priest.

Janes would be one of the main writers for Five-O’s 10th and 11th seasons. That included the final episode of season 10, when long-time character Chin Ho Kelly was killed off in A Death in the Family. Janes also penned a two-part story in the 11th season concerning an organized crime fight for control of Hawaii’s disco industry.

Janes also wrote a two-hour episode, A Lion in the Streets, that led off Five-O’s final season.

Janes died Feb. 1, according to the WGA website.