High-end 007 tour is unveiled

For a mere 60,000 British pounds per person ($74,256), you too can participate in a European tour of James Bond locations.

Here is part of the announcement on the official 007 site of Eon Productions:

Today (March 30), Black Tomato have released details of their limited edition travel experience. ‘The Assignment’ is an immersive journey to signature destinations inspired by the world of James Bond. The United Kingdom, France, Monaco, Italy and Austria are the five countries which feature in the trip. 

In addition to stays in world renowned hotels such as London’s Corinthia and Hotel Metropole in Monte Carlo, ‘The Assignment’ features a hand-picked itinerary of Bond experiences created exclusively for this unique journey.

There is more information on Black Tomato’s website. The tour lasts 12 nights.

Black Tomato’s Tom Marchant gave an interview to The Bond Experience channel on YouTube.

I guess this makes that pricey backgammon set from 2019 look cheap by comparison.

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