Blofeld: Why the character deserves fan admiration

Spoiler adverse should stop reading now. By Gert Waterink, Guest Writer Last week, the Daily Mail’s Baz Bamigboye reported that Christoph Waltz, who played Blofeld in SPECTRE, would reprise the role in Bond 25. I support Waltz’s return. Yes, SPECTRE wasn’t a masterpiece of a Bond film. Far from it. The foster brother plot element […]

007 in New York: Bond exhibition announced

A James Bond exhibition will be held in New York City some time in early 2019, according to an announcement posted on Eon Productions’ official 007 website. The exhibition is being organized by Spyscape, a New York spy museum, Eon and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. An excerpt from the short announcement: The exhibition will be held at SPYSCAPE’s 60,000 […]

Embrace Léa Seydoux, look forward to Madeleine Swann

By Gert Waterink, Guest Writer When Bond 25 director Cary Fukunaga told the Daily Mail this week that French actress Léa Seydoux would reprise her role as Madeleine Swann, Bond fandom was instantly “menstruating” blood and fire. I leave it to you to find this either preposterous or a sheer exaggeration. But let me first tell you […] petition asks for more fan voice in 007 films

A petition on asks for more of a fan voice on James Bond films. Fans “do not own the Bond franchise, but Her Majesty’s Secret Agent is a culturally shared phenomenon,” the petition reads. The petition was written by a 007 fan, Gert Waterink. Disclosure: he has written guest articles for this blog However, the […]

How Bond 25’s pre-production may be difficult

The pre-production phase of Bond 25 may be difficult, perhaps the most difficult of the 007 film series, regardless of whether Daniel Craig returns as James Bond or not. Guest writer Gert Waterink has produced an essay, THE ‘SPECTRE’ OF BOND 25, that examines some of the issues involved. Does Bond 25 tie into 2015’s SPECTRE? […]

Ranking all 24 (26) James Bond Films.

By Gert Waterink, Guest Writer The premiere of SPECTRE took place almost one year ago. Shortly before the premiere, many movie critics and entertainment websites started to prepare for the festivities of another Bond film by writing the obligatory rankings of its predecessors. Some posted a TOP 10 of “The Best,” and others were daring […]

SPECTRE box office and its future implications Part II

By Gert Waterink, Guest Writer SPECTRE while one of the most popular movies of the year, won’t be as profitable as 2012’s Skyfall. SPECTRE cost more to make and appears headed to fall short of Skyfall’s $1.11 billion box office. Part I looked at some factors that may have contributed to this. What follows is […]

SPECTRE box office and its future implications Part I

By Gert Waterink, Guest Writer SPECTRE has grossed more than $820 million globally since it premiered in late October. That looks like a very solid box office figure. And it is, just like its predecessor, Skyfall, one of the most successful non-3D, non-Sci-Fi films of the year. Looking at the leaked production budget of SPECTRE, […]