The remarkable Paul Dehn

While doing some research, it occurred to me how remarkable Paul Dehn’s career as a screenwriter was. In the space of one year Dehn adapted film versions of Ian Fleming (Goldfinger) and John Le Carre (The Spy Who Came in From the Cold). In the space of 10 years, Dehn added adaptations of William Shakespeare (The […]

John le Carre, an appreciation

The 1960s spy craze, started by James Bond films, unleashed many escapist spies. But one of the most enduring espionage universe not escapist. It was the one penned by David Cornwell, writing under the name John le Carre. Le Carre novels involved flawed humans dealing with grays, rather than black and white. Cornwell wrote his […]

Did Fleming think Maibaum’s 007 was better?

This week, TCM kicked off showing 19 James Bond films made by Eon Productions. The first night included a promotional video featuring comments by Bond film veterans Bruce Feirstein (credited as writer on three films) and Martin Campbell (director on two). Feirstein, at one point told an anecdote about Bond’s creator talking to Richard Maibaum […]

Robert Sellers coming out with a Broccoli-Saltzman book

Robert Sellers, the author of The Battle for Bond, a book about the behind-the-scenes conflict concerning Thunderball, is coming out with a new book about Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, the co-founders of Eon Productions. There is a listing on the U.K. site of Amazon for When Harry Met Cubby: The Story of the […]

Writer rosters for Eon 007 films

This week, the Geeks Worldwide website said Paul Haggis had turned in a Bond 25 draft, rewriting work by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. If so, Haggins joins a growing roster of Bond 25 scribes, including the team of Purvis and Wade as well as John Hodge. As it turns out, that’s probably more routine […]

Bond 25 questions: The “Mr. Obvious” edition

Baz Bamigboye of the Daily Mail, who is known for getting 007 film scoops correct, finally weighed in and said that director Danny Boyle departed Bond 25 because Eon Productions wanted to bring in a new writer to replace his man, John Hodge. As a result, the blog has a series of “Mr. Obvious” questions. […]

007 Magazine features Robert Sellers on ‘Search for Bond’

The website for Graham Rye’s 007 Magazine has a new article by Robert Sellers titled “The Search for Bond.” The website bills the article as the “exclusive never-before-told story behind the actors who won, and the many who lost, the most coveted role in cinema history!” Sellers previous wrote the book The Battle for Bond, […]

Quantum of Fleming

This article is based on posts in The Spy Command in August 2010. It has been updated to include 2012’s Skyfall and 2015’s SPECTRE. By Bill Koenig A subject that will get James Bond fans talking is how faithful 007 movies are to Ian Fleming’s original novels and short stories. There have been 23 entries in […]

Iowa, spy central

Originally published in 2002 in Her Majesty’s Secret Servant. Some time references have been tweaked Iowa City is a fairly typical college town. It is home to the University of Iowa, one of the eleven schools of the Big Ten conference (it kept the name after adding Penn State University as a member some years […]

A few things best to forget about the first 3 007 films

After we did a post about things best to overlook about You Only Live Twice, two readers suggested earlier 007 movies deserved similar treatment. Thunderball, the fourth Bond film, is rather notorious for a number of continuity flubs (not to mention a certain dog). So, we’ll keep this post to the first three 007 movies […]