007’s homage to The Deer Hunter?

Over the weekend, two Bond fans (including one on our own staff) registered surprise when we said there was an homage to 1978’s The Deer Hunter in 1985’s A View To a Kill. Maybe we’re reading more into it, so judge for yourself.

A View To a Kill, in addition to being Roger Moore’s farewell to the 007 role, also included Christopher Walken as villain Max Zorin. Walken had won an Oscar as best supporting actor in The Deer Hunter. That movie had plenty of intense scenes, including this one where Walken and Robert De Niro, as American soldiers in the Vietnam War, are forced to play Russian Roulette by their captors:

Flash forward seven years to A View To a Kill. Deep into the movie, Zorin kills an official on his payroll. At the 1:27:19 mark of the film (or about 11 seconds into this video), Walken seems to briefly reference his Oscar winning performance: