2009: Another big 007 centennial year

Last year was the centennial of the birth of James Bond creator Ian Fleming. It was a big year, with the release of a new Bond novel, Devil May Care and the release of the 22nd film of the Eon-produced series Quantum of Solace.

It turns out 2009 will also be a major centennial. It will be the 100th anniversary (on April 5) of the birth of Albert “Cubby” Broccoli, the producer who helped bring 007 to the screen, and (on May 26) Richard Maibuam, the screenwriter who’d be involved in 12 of the first 16 Bond films and, after Fleming, arguably the writer who had the biggest impact on Bond and his popularity with the public.

No new novels are on the horizon and who knows when Eon will have its next film. But for Bond fans this year will still merit a look back.