James Bond vs. Neoliberalism

From the “tripped over this and found it interesting” department:

A blogger with the handle uhhh has recently published a rather unique — and fascinating — take on the 2008 James Bond movie Quantum of Solace. Looking at the film through a sociopolitical spectrum, he

The face of neoliberalism?

The face of neoliberalism?

posits that the QUANTUM organization, and Dominic Greene’s “Greene Planet” company, symbolically represent the insidious forces of neoliberalism, against which 007 must battle. (Click the link on the word before you get all up in a political huff.)

This is a more subtle form of the venerable “James Bond saved the world” formula. As Mr. uhhh puts it,

… It might not just be Bond defending a country for the better good of the world, but attacking the tradition the world is currently in. Think of it as Bond representing the West, attacking the West, for the better good of the West…

QOS might represent a newfound political sophistication in the James Bond fantasy universe; an understanding and acceptance of realpolitik, and an almost cyberpunkish apprehension of the multinational corporation as the new State. Which, from a Bond fan’s perspective, makes for some pretty interesting villainy!

Read An Unbreakable Bond , and maybe learn a thing or two. Tell ’em HMSS sent ya!