Time capsule: Barbara Bain picks up Emmys Nos. 2 and 3

A while back, we posted a YouTube video of the 1967 Emmy awards, where many stars of 1960s spy television shows appeared. One of the winners that year was Barbara Bain, who played Cinnamon Carter, the femme fatale of Mission: Impossible.

Ms. Bain won two more Emmys before quitting the series. At the 1968 Emmys, she beat out Diana Rigg and Barbara Stanwyck for the second consecutive year. Ms. Bain was gracious in victory, thanking ace M:I writers William Read Woodfield and Allan Balter. But you be the judge:

A year later, she made it three in a row. It was also the first time the general public realized she had quit the series after Paramount brass squeezed out then-husband Martin Landau. That background made her acceptance speech especially memorable. See for you yourself:

1967 Emmys: The Apex of ’60s Spy Television

The 1960s were a special time for spy television. And the era may have reached its apex with the 1967 Emmy Awards. Imagine a cocktail party where Cinammon Carter, Rollin Hand, John Steed, Emma Peel, Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 attended.

Well, the Emmys that year had such a feel. Barbara Bain of Mission: Impossible beat out Diana Rigg and Barbara Stanwyck for best dramatic actress. Bain and her then-husband Martin Landau presented the comedy writing award, which was picked up by Get Smart’s Buck Henry and Leonard B. Stern. Meanwhile, M:I creator/executive producer Bruce Geller collected one for his script to the show’s pilot, beating out a Robert Culp script for I Spy. Heck, even the Monkees show up. Take a look: