007 Magazine out with issue, calendars in December

007 Magazine is bringing out an issue and two 2018 Bond-themed calendars this month.

The issue concerns exhibitor pressbooks released in the United States to promote the first decade of James Bond films. Such pressbooks were mostly “supplied to cinema managers” but at times to the press, according to the Graham Rye publication. The format eventually fell out of favor in studio promotions.

The issue is 76 pages. 007 Magazine has been taking pre-orders and will be shipping out the issue in December. The price is 19.99 British pounds, $30.99 or 26.99 euros.

The two calendars feature the You Only Live Twice 50th anniversary and Bond Girls of the 1960s.  The price for each is 9.99 British pounds, $15.99 or 11.99 euros.

Earlier this year, 007 Magazine also came out with a 126-page issue about Twice’s 50th anniversary. It’s still in stock. The price is 24.99 British pounds, $34.99 or 29.99 euros.

Missed Opportunities in the Bond Series

In the next issue of Her Majesty’s Secret Servant (on-line imminently) we examine what some believe to be the biggest missed opportunity of the series. Look for “Ugh! Siamese Vodka?!” and other terrific pieces, including a grand pictorial of our favorite and hottest Bond girls.

What might you consider to be some of the bad decisions the producers of the Bond films made that effected the series? The “comedic” direction of the films throughout the 1970’s? Revolving actors in the Leiter role? Letting Dalton walk?

Share your thoughts.

“Bond girl” rumors began already!

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

From the “Take It for What It’s Worth” rumor mill department:

Jennifer Aniston is being considered for the “Bond girl” role in the next 007 film, according to The Insider and other show-biz gossip outlets.

Coupled with this “news” is the tidbit that Freida Pinto, late of Slumdog Millionaire, is also being given a screen test opportunity.

Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto

The down time between Bond pictures, usually about halfway between, tends to be “the silly season” of news, rumor, and gossip. It’s comforting to know that the studio’s marketing department is already starting to do their job.

Let the booshwa fly!

Read all about it RIGHT HERE.

In Bed with James Bond

bond_fionaThe terrific Australian cinephile’s webzine, Senses of Cinema, hits one out of the 007 scholarship ballpark with its new issue. In Bed with Bond, by the site’s coeditor Scott Murray, is a lavishly annotated catalogue of the Bond women, both literary and cinematic. It’s also a meticulously-constructed argument against the standard criticisms of the series in regards to sexual politics. Taking on critics from Umberto Eco to John Cork, Mr. Murray demonstrates that James Bond isn’t really the unfailing cocksman popular imagination supposes him to be, much less the arrogant woman hater/seducer reviled by his critics. Instead, using a point-by-point “scoring” system (pun intended), Murray gives us a picture of Bond as a sort-of sexual pinball, bouncing from woman to woman as a result of his fairly passive reaction to his leading ladies’ fairly aggressive seduction techniques. That’s when he has any luck at all!

It’s a fairly lengthy article, so bring a sack lunch to keep you fortified why you dig in to all the copious detail. It’s fun, it’s informative, it’s In Bed with Bond, and it’s RIGHT HERE. Enjoy!

Daniel Craig talks to Playboy

Like predecessors Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan, current 007 Daniel Craig did an interview with Playboy magazine. It’s in the November issue.

Among the highlights: Craig’s favorite Bond is Sean Connery and his favorite “Bond girl” is Diana Rigg from “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” Also, while he says he signed on for four Bond movies, Craig says “wait and see.”

The Detroit Free Press ran some excerpts in Monday’s paper. Here’s the link (scroll down to second item):