Quotes that make little sense (except to 007 fans)

"What does that mean, anyway?"

“What does that mean, anyway?”

What follows are quotes that make little sense taken out of context — except for James Bond fans who’ve seen the movies over and over again.

Here they are, presented with no context. Most Bond film fans have the context memorized.

Some of these lines will even bring a laugh to a Bond fan, while those nearby would be baffled.


“More! More pow-wah! DO IT!”

“I’ll buy you a delicatessen — in stainless steel!”

“That’s as bad as listening to the Beatles without earmuffs.”

“I have a slight inferiority complex.”

“I got a brudder!”

“Openin’ crater…Closin’ crater.”

“Let the sport…commence!

“Just a drop in the ocean.”

“Somebody sent their brain trust down to meet you.”

“Humility is the worst form of conceit.”

“That’s extra, man.”

UPDATE: There are more, of course.

“You really do have a magnificent abdomen.”

This beautiful girl will be locked into a steel cage and will change very slowly into a ferocious 450-pound gorilla.”  (from reader Steve Oxenrider)

“Ptth! American motorists kill that many every two years.” (from reader Gary Firuta, down in the comments section)

“Japanese proverb say, ‘Bird never make nest in bare tree.'”