Daily Show does a (sort of) double 007

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart

The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart

Comedy Central’s The Daily Show did a (sort of) double 007 on its Jan. 24 edition.

First up: a clip from 1964’s Goldfinger, where James Bond (Sean Connery) was at the mercy of Auric Goldfinger, used as a joke during a segment concerning severe air pollution in China.

Host Jon Stewart made the point that Americans ought not be afraid of a nation of people who have become “instant smokers” because of China’s air pollution problems.

“We’ve got to stop being afraid of China and just think of them as another wheezing smoker,” Stewart said. “Very hard to be an evil arch villain with a heavy smoker’s cough.” That’s when the Goldfinger clip (Bond about to be dissected by Goldfinger’s laser beam) pops up. Stewart then talks about what it would have been like if Goldfinger kept hacking and couldn’t say, “No, I expect you to die.”

The second: Stewart’s featured guest was actor Christopher Walken, who played villain Max Zorin in 1985’s A View to a Kill, the final Roger Moore 007 film. No mention of Bond came up. But Walken is an interesting guy (among other things he mentioned how he still doesn’t use computers and doesn’t have his own cell phone) and the segment went by quickly.

You can CLICK HERE to see the entire Jan. 24 show. The Goldfinger gag comes up around the 11:24 mark. The Walken interview comes up at the 14:55 mark.

The adventures of 00Bama

Some months ago, we noted how Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” ran a segment comparing U.S. President Barack Obama to James Bond.

Now, you can view videos featuring 00Bama, along with his cohorts Joey B, Hill and Rahm. It’s on Atom.com, a Web site that’s part of Viacom Inc.’s MTV Networks unit, that includes Comedy Central.

For example, in one adventure, 00Bama takes on Detroit’s Big Three. In another, 00Bama questions a domestic terrorist without resorting to “aggressive interrogation techniques.”

We didn’t find out about this until James Jolly, who plays 00Bama on the Atom.com videos posted a reply to our earlier 00Bama post. (At least we’re assuming it’s the same James Jolly who plays 00Bama.) UPDATE: Yes it is.

Anyway, three 00Bama videos can be viewed at ATOM.COM’S 00BAMA CHANNEL. Mr. Jolly says the “webisodes” will also air on Comedy Central’s Atom TV starting Oct. 5 (technically 2:30 a.m. on Oct. 6).

NOTE: There’s a bit of strong language in spots in the 00Bama videos.