Countdown to 007’s 50th film anniversary underway

Oct. 5 was the 49th anniversary of the world premier of Dr. No. Thus, the film 007 has begun his 50th anniversary year, which will culminate next October with the golden anniversary of the first James Bond film.

It had taken the better part of a decade before Bond made the transition from novels (1953’s Casino Royale) to the big screen. There was a brief detour to television (the 1954 CBS adaptation of Casino Royale). Albert R. Broccoli, an American film producer based in the U.K., had wanted to do a movie version of Bond sooner but he had disagreements with one partner (Irving Allen). It wouldn’t be until Broccoli formed another partnership with Harry Saltzman (who held a six-month option on most of Ian Fleming’s 007 novels) before the movie Bond became reality.

There’s a lot more to be said, but there’s a lot of time to say it. For now, we’ll be content to include this: