Craig and Jackman to do play; so when does Craig play 007 again?

From a Chicago Sun-Times story:

James Bond and Wolverine are headed for Broadway.

Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman are set to star in Keith Huff’s play “A Steady Rain” slated for this fall. Barbara Broccoli, the daughter of legendary “James Bond” film producer Albert “Cubby” Broccoli, is set to produce.

Well, that’s just great. No dates set yet, according to the article.

Meanwhile, recently The Sun newspaper in the U.K. had this quote from Barbara Broccoli’s half-brother, Eon Productions bossman Michael G. Wilson about Bond 23:

“We have started work on the new film, which I can’t say anything about. DANIEL CRAIG is very keen to get going.”

Hmmm. Apparently Craig isn’t that keen.

Let’s do a little math. For a movie to make the Christmas 2010 period, the latest it could start filming is April of 2010 (similar to the schedule for Tomorrow Never Dies in 1997). Given the Craig-Jackman starring duo, it seems doubtful this play will be a limited engagement unless the play bombs. If the play debuts in the fall, could Craig exit it by April of 2010? We’re kind of skeptical.

This would seem to indicate the earliest Bond 23 could come out would be 2011. We’re still thinking 2012 may be more likely given how Wilson keeps complaining the past decade about the exhaustion of producing Bond movies while Eon simultaneously talks about producing its first non-Bond project since Call Me Bwana.

To read the Sun-Times story, click RIGHT HERE. To view The Sun story, RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE: Over at the site, a poster on the message board found AN INTERVIEW WITH MICHAEL G. WILSON on a Norwegian Web site. The poster translates it thusly:

Interviewer: But when will the film be released, will we have to wait until 2011?
Wilson: Yes, I can confirm that. We need more time and don’t want to stress things.

A tip of the cap goes to The Ghost Who Walks, the poster who found the item.