Don Black reflects on collaborating with John Barry in New York Post story

News Corp.’s New York Post, in a story you can read BY CLICKING HERE, has a story about the late 007 composer John Barry that includes observations by his frequent collaborator, lyricist Don Black.

An excerpt:

“When he finally played a song for you, you felt it was an unveiling. He’d wrestled with it himself for so long, it was beyond criticism. And then he expected you to go off and struggle with the lyrics just as he had struggled with the music. You know, staring out of windows and wandering around parks. That sort of thing.”


“He didn’t like anything pretentious,” says Black. “He wanted simple words that hugged the contours of his melody. With the Bond songs, he thought they should be seductive, provocative and have a whiff of the boudoir about them.”

The duo did the title songs for Thunderball, Diamonds Are Forever and The Man With The Golden Gun. They won an Academy Award for best song for the title song of Born Free.