Brian Berley takes down his 007 illustrations

Artist Brian Berley has taken down his illustrations based on Ian Fleming 007 novels down from public view.

Berley said in a post on the message boards of the MI6 James Bond fan Web site that, “I have to announce that my collection of Bond Illustrations has been officially banished from public display.”

To read the artist’s full post on the message board, CLICK HERE. The HMSS Weblog did a December 2010 post about Berley’s 007 art, which you can read BY CLICKING HERE.

Ian Fleming’s James Bond: The Illustrated 007 by Brian Berley

Brian Berley is an illustrator, new media consultant, and sometimes-contributor to HMSS (he covered the 2002 London James Bond exposition for us in 007 Exposed). He’s also a lifelong James Bond fan, and a way-cool guy. Some years back, he showed us some illustrations he’d been working on based on Ian Fleming’s novel Thunderball. We were knocked out by his dynamic and colorful artwork, and by his faithfulness to the original book — while avoiding the iconography of the Eon film. His take on the physiognomy of James Bond was simultaneously unique and exactly correct. Very exciting stuff.

© Brian Berley

As it turns out, that first chapter of the Blofeld trilogy wasn’t all Brian was working on. Picking out interesting scenes from most of the rest of the Fleming canon, he put his imagination and art tools to work to bring them to amazing life. We have a feeling there’s a book somewhere in the future, for which we can’t wait, but in the meantime we (and you all) can get a taste of this unique take on Ian Fleming’s world on YouTube. Check out Ian Fleming’s James Bond: The Illustrated 007 by Brian Berley for a looksee. We’re pretty sure you’ll be glad you did!