Bond 25 questions: Eve (?) of the announcement edition

It seems we’re about to get some Bond 25 news this week. But, given how Bond 25 development has gone the past three years, there are questions even in the home stretch.

What changes from the normal media launch might we see?

During the evening of April 23, the MI6 James Bond website came out with a story that said the following:

MI6 has been informed that there will be no traditional press conference.

Instead, specially recorded segments in Jamaica will be packaged by ABC TV (Good Morning America) in the USA and ITV in the UK (Good Morning Britain) for broadcast on Thursday and Friday this week.

Anything particularly odd about that?

U.S. network ABC, which airs Good Morning America, is owned by Walt Disney Co. Competitor NBC, which airs Today, a morning rival to Good Morning America, is owned by Comcast. Comcast, in turn, is parent company to NBC-Universal. The Universal part is Bond 25’s international distributor.


From a distance, it would appear Bond 25 is messing over one of its corporate partners (Universal).

Any other concerns?

The blog is wondering if we’ll find out Bond 25’s actual title this week. This decade, at this point, we were told that Bond 23 would be called Skyfall and Bond 24 would be called SPECTRE.

Maybe we’ll be told Bond 25’s actual title. But the format of this week’s media event is different enough that the blog isn’t taking it for granted.

UPDATE (April 24): Comcast also is being shut out on the European side of the Atlantic when it comes to this week’s Bond 25 events. Comcast owns a controlling interest Sky. But ITV isn’t part of Sky. h/t to reader Rob Coppinger for bringing this to my attention.

UPDATE II: Reader @CorneelVf on Twitter has a post of a program guide indicating Comcast’s Sky will have a half-hour show on Thursday called Bond 25: The Announcement.

UPDATE III: The official Eon Productions 007 Twitter feed has details about a live Bond 25 announcement at 13:10 GMT on Thursday. Twitter users can ask questions using #BOND25. This may be a social media substitute for the traditional media event for 007 films.


Skyfall cast discusses new Bond movie in ITV video

After the Nov. 3 Skyfall news conference, members of the cast gave brief interviews to ITV. The clip runs 4:39:

Among the highlights:

Judi Dench: “Nobody was allowed to say anything. It’s always like that…We do this great big news conference and body can say anything.”

Daniel Craig: “I didn’t doubt we’d get one made….We carried on as normal.” Based on the question, he was referring to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s financial troubles, which included a short stay in bankruptcy court. “If it had went, I would have been sad.”

Naomie Harris: “It’s been over three months now” that she’s had to stay quiet about getting the Skyfall role. “It’s been an amazingly long time to keep quiet about something.” Her Agent Eve character thinks she is Bond’s equal. “But she isn’t really Bond’s equivalent, she’s much more his kind of junior.”

Berenice Marlohe and Javier Bardem also appear in the video.