Plants named for real James Bond, watch the puns fly

Bird expert James Bond

Bond, James Bond kept a bird’s eye view.

Ornithologist James Bond (1900-1989) has had four plant species named for him. Given that Ian Fleming took the name of the author of Birds of the West Indies as the name of his fictional hero, you might expect there’d be lots of puns used.

And you would be right.

Science magazine website: “There’s no word yet on how they’ll take their martinis, but a new subgenus of plants has been named Jamesbondia,…”

CNET (headline):  “Bondia, Jamesbondia: This plant likes its martinis shaken, not stirred.”

Fox News: “Scientists have christened a subgenus of plants with a killer name: Jamesbondia.”

CNN: “Sure, it’s not as exciting to Bond fans, but sometimes in life you get the Bond girl, and sometimes you get the Bond plant.”

Other outlets, while noting how Fleming took Bond’s name for a fictional character, were a little more straightforward in their descriptions. Here’s an except from SCI-NEWS.COM:

The four Jamesbondia plant species — Alternanthera costaricensis, A. geniculata, A. olivacea, and A. serpyllifolia — are mostly found in Central America and the Caribbean Islands.

Dr. Iamonico and Dr. Sánchez-del Pino have built on the research of Dr. J.M. Mears, who identified a group of Caribbean plant species as ‘Jamesbondia’ from 1980 to 1982 in unpublished annotations on Alternanthera specimens.

Molecular phylogenetic analyses and observations of the flower morphology justify the official separate naming of this group.