Rest In Peace, John Barry Prendergast

We have lost a musical giant, and one of our true heroes. A supremely sad day.

Thank you, Mr. Barry.

QOS soundtrack album review

Over the past week, I’ve been listening to — and enjoying the hell out of — the recently released Quantum of Solace soundtrack album. At first blush, my opinion was that this is David Arnold’s best Bond score to date. Half-a-dozen listens later, my opinion hasn’t changed.

The Barry-esque brass choirs are still there, combined in the trademark Arnold way with the rhythmically propulsive, atonal string meghillas, and the (now more muted) electronic percussion effects. The iconic “James Bond Theme” finds its piecemeal way into some of the compositions, but qos-soundtracksubtlely enough so that the listener isn’t beaten over the head with constant hey listen! this is James Bond music! Vic Flick homages. This is easily David Arnold’s most mature work as a composer, with a highly rewarding repeat-listen value.

(As a side note, I also have to give props to whoever designed the CD package. Previously, the Casino Royale soundtrack CD was a disappointingly bare-bones affair; one may as well have just purchased it from iTunes, for all its holding-in-your-hands-and-looking-at-it value. The QOS CD package, while not exactly of concept album standards, boasts an impressive graphic design which carries through to the disc itself. The booklet insert unfolds into a miniature version of the movie poster. At least somebody was paying a little attention!)

Anyway, I was going to write a full-blown review, but Randall Larson over at the Music from the Movies website said everything I wanted to say, only better. Check out his full review HERE. And then go out and buy the album. If you like James Bond music, I think you’re going to be really happy with this one!

— Paul