Ian Fleming & James Bond Timeline

Fleming-obitThe Times Online website has a very cool, internetty new plaything for the 007 fans: a 100 year timeline all about Ian Fleming and James Bond.

Ranging from 1908 through last year, this Flashy (pun intended) presentation covers every signature event in the author’s life; everything he wrote; and every film in the Bond canon. It’s copiously illustrated (we screen-capped this picture of his Times obituary from the site,) and features a constantly-running parade of links to every article than venerable organ has ever run about Fleming and/or his famous creation. All of this is set against a backdrop of a scarred desktop littered with top-secret files, papers, and tools of the spy trade. This is most excellent stuff!

So, set aside a little time and hie yourself over to 100 years of IAN FLEMING & JAMES BOND. We had a good time there, and think you will too.