Nikki Finke parody includes a Skyfall parody

The Funny or Die website has A PARODY of the Nikki Finke-Deadline: Hollywood situation. In turn, the parody includes a parody of Skyfall, the most recent James Bond movie.

For the uninitiated, Finke founded the Deadline website, which tended to get lots of scoops (including some ABOUT SKYFALL and THE SCOOP that Bond 24 and Bond 25 would be written by John Logan). She had a falling out with Jay Penske, who bought the site from her. You can CLICK HERE for a Nov. 19 Los Angeles Times story with background.

Anyway, actress Jean Smart plays Finke in the Funny or Die video. As for the Skyfall element that’s part of the parody, we won’t spoil it. Click HERE to see the video.