Raymond Benson on Dave White Presents on Oct. 26

Wes Britton passed along this programming alert:

On Tuesday Oct 26, James Bond continuation novelist Raymond Benson will share insights behind his 007 books and short stories, especially those re-published in this year’s anthology, CHOICE OF WEAPONS. Also, editor Rob Weiner will discuss this summer’s new essay collection, JAMES BOND IN WORLD AND POPULAR CULTURE: THE FILMS ARE NOT ENOUGH.

Rounding out the action-adventure theme, actor Larry Manetti recalls his years as playboy club manager Rick Write on television’s MAGNUM P.I.

The 90-minute online radio program will premiere this special broadcast on Tues. Oct. 26 at 7:30 p.m. Eastern, then 7:30 Pacific at www.KSAV.org.

On Oct. 27, this edition of Dave white Presents will become available for 24/7 download access at www.audioentertainment.org/dwp.

For a list of past James Bond features,including interviews with George Lazenby and Vic Flick, go to James Bond Files at www.spywise.net.