1967: Bulldog Drummond gets revived to cash in on the spy craze

James Bond spurred production of many spy-oriented movies and TV shows in the 1960s. One Bond-inspired production was a film series that dusted off the character of Hugh “Bulldog” Drummond.

Ian Fleming, in discussing his James Bond novels, said they were written to be modern, including depictions of sex and violence, unlike the Bulldog Drummond stories by Herman Cyril McNeile, writing under the name of “Sapper” and continued by Gerard Fairlie. Over the years, a number of actors, including Walter Pidgeon, Ronald Colman and Ray Milland would portray Drummond.

For the 1960s film series, the producers chose Richard Johnson, an actor considered for the role of Bond in Dr. No. Also chosen were actors who’d appear in later Bond movies, including Milton Reid, Laurence Naismith and Virginia North.

Here’s the first few minutes of the film: