Lego makes another 007 tease

Lego logo

Lego has put out another tease for its 007-licensed project.

The company put out a Twitter post that includes a 7-second video (or 0:07).

The video has a James Bond gunbarrel logo with two phrases: “Are you gonna complain all the way?” and “It’ not very comfortable, is it?”

The video also had the hashtag #LICENCETOBUILD, which has been used previously by Lego in teasing the project.

Nothing else to report but you can take a look below for yourself.

UPDATE (11:45 a.m.): A reader notes that Aston Martin had a similar tweet on June 25. The highlighted lines there were, “Oh, and I suppose that’s completely inconspicuous,” and, “Get in.”

Of course, all four lines from the two twitter posts are between Bond (Daniel Craig) and M (Judi Dench) from Skyfall after 007 drives off in the Goldfinger Aston Martin DB5. (Although “gonna” doesn’t seem Bondian, but oh well.)

The obvious conclusion is that the Lego 007 product will be the DB5. We’ll see.

UPDATE II (July 1): The official James Bond feed on Twitter by Eon Productions got into the act with a tweet. It had the same visual format. This time the lines are from Q (Ben Whishaw) talking about the DB5 after it has been rebuilt (for whatever reason) in SPECTRE.

UPDATE III (July 1): Same reader as before points out a June 24 tweet from the official James Bond account. In this post on Twitter, the lines are by Bond (Sean Connery) and Q (Demond Llewelyn) about the DB5 in Goldfinger.

Had to happen sooner or later: 007 LEGO

The popularity of LEGOs have surged via LEGO versions of popular characters. It was a new lease on life for a popular kids toy that almost went bankrupt.

So it was just a matter of time before we’d see LEGO James Bond. This probably isn’t official, but it’s amusing. Here’s a LEGO version of the SPECTRE teaser trailer. LEGO/Bond’s hair seems a little dark compared to Daniel Craig/Bond, but that’s a relatively small detail.

UPDATE (April 5): Missed this 2013-produced LEGO version of Casino Royale’s pre-titles sequence. Daniel Craig/Bond’s hair color is blonde, unlike the new SPECTRE trailer LEGO version. Thanks to Phoenix Roleplaying, who made comment below.

UPDATE II (April 5): Just got pinged that a LEGO version of Moonraker is in the works. Not sure if it’s going to be closer to Ian Fleming’s 1955 novel than the 1979 movie was, but it has Gala Brand.