New book out about 007’s impact on popular culture

james bond pop culture

There’s a new book about James Bond and his place in popular culture.

James Bond and Popular Culture: Essays on the Influence of the Fictional Superspy was published in late October by McFarland, which puts out academic and pop culture titles.

Here’s a description:

The most recognizable fictional spy and one of the longest running film franchises, James Bond has inspired a host of other pop culture contributions, including Doctor Who (the Jon Pertwee era), the animated television comedy series Archer, Matt Kindt’s comic book series Mind MGMT, Japan’s Nakano Spy School Films, the 1960s Italian Eurospy genre, and the recent 007 Legends video game. This collection of new essays analyzes Bond’s phenomenal literary and filmic influence over the past 50-plus years. The 14 essays are categorized into five parts: film, television, literature, lifestyle (emphasis on fashion and home décor), and the Bond persona reinterpreted.

For more information, you can CLICK HERE to see McFarland’s website or CLICK HERE to see it on The 288-page book lists for $40 on McFarland’s page and $38 on Amazon.

UPDATE (Nov. 21, 2014): To view a table of contents, including subjects and authors, CLICK HERE.