MI6 Confidential – “The Art of Bond” (Issue #13) Available Now

Peter Allen and our good friends at MI6 have informed HMSS that the MI6 Confidential Issue #13 “The Art of Bond” is now available to order on-line.

You can read the MI6 press release here, and below are a couple of the layouts and articles. (Go to the MI6 website for full details.)

Exceptionally fine shot(s), gentlemen! The photographs, graphics, commentary, and color are all top-notch. Nice work all around.

The HMSS Team

Around the (Google) Earth with James Bond

Take a trip around the world using Google Earth to view some of the most famous locations of the James Bond film series. Just copy and paste the coordinates into the “Fly To” bar, and off you go!

British Secret Service HQ, London

British Secret Service headquarters

First off, we’ll start with, 007’s place of employment:
MI6 Headquarters/SIS Building, London, UK
51° 29′ 8.33″N 0° 7′ 36.38″W

Visit lots of other locations, starting RIGHT HERE .