Bond 25 spoiler video emerges

Image for the official James Bond feed on Twitter

No spoilers in the post. But don’t blame the blog if you click on the links.

After less than one week of shooting in Norway, stills and a video of what was being photographed is out in the open.

The Express had stills and the video. The Daily Mail got into the act with a story that had more stills. And don’t forget The Sun, Rupert Murdoch’s British tabloid.

Meanwhile 007 film fans, many of whom like to complain about spoilers, weren’t shy about the spreading the various images as well as the video. Example: THIS TWEET from a leading fan site that embeds the video following a brief spoiler warning.

To sum up the week: We’ve gone from sketchy evidence that filming was underway to video evidence of what may await in the film.

Have a good weekend.

Norway outlet provides confirmation about B25 filming

A Norway outlet called VG on March 26 posted a story mostly concerning the tight security where a Bond 25 sequence is being filmed.

There’s not a lot to see. But the story includes the windshield of a shuttle bus where there’s a small sign that says, “B25 CREW SHUTTLE.”

It’s not a lot. But a confirmation that Bond 25 is underway is a confirmation, nevertheless.

To be sure, we’re not sure how far along the production is. Previous stories indicated the Bond 25 crew wanted to do the sequence before a frozen lake melts.

Are more rewrites of the script coming? The blog certainly doesn’t know. Is a press event guaranteed for next week? Some say it will come around April 1 or so. But here at the blog we don’t claim to know.

The only certainty, such as it is,  Bond 25 production has started. And so it goes.

h/t .@BondEnArgentina for a tweet that brought this to the blog’s attention

UPDATE (March 28): Additional images of the crew have emerged, though nothing all that exciting. An outlet called Dagbladet published a story about the tight security with a few photos of the crew. A site called Filmweb posted a video about its correspondent searching for the site. She finds it toward the end of the 2:57 video.