MI6 Confidential #11 available now!

Our friend and colleague Hugh Maddocks over at MI6 Confidential has just informed us that a new issue — number 11! — has arrived and is available for ordering.

This time around, the full-color magazine focuses on one of the most troubled productions in the 007 series — From Russia with Love. It showcases rarely seen photographs from the set and charts how director Terence Young managed to hold it all together through near-misses, accidents, cancelled locations and delays. Keeping with the ‘Bond On Set’ theme, the magazine also go behind the scenes of the ice palace car chase and hovercraft stunts from Die Another Day with all-access photographs and firsthand accounts from those who made it possible.

This issue’s features:

  • Bond On Set – Rare images from the set and an exhaustive account of the From Russia With Love production history
  • Jeffery Deaver explains his successful Carte Blanche recipe in an exclusive interview
  • On Thin Ice – Behind the scenes of Die Another Day with stunt driver George Cottle
  • GoldenEye 007 Reloaded – An exclusive interview with the producer of this year’s Bond game for Xbox 360 and PS3
  • Dr. No Showcase – Breathing new life into the classic 1963 comic
  • Composing Blood Stone – Richard Jacques talks one on one about creating the Bond sound
  • The Bond Connection – Rowan Atkinson and director Oliver Parker talk Johnny English Reborn
  • The Last Word – Richard Kiel recalls his three run-ins with James Bond

The new issue is shipping worldwide. To order online, go to the MI6 Confidential website.

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