OHMSS’s 40th anniversary Part IV: George Lazenby’s on-the-job training

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was never going to be an easy project: difficult locations, a long schedule and a rookie actor in the place of Sean Connery as James Bond.

The rookie was former model George Lazenby, selected from five finalists vying to play 007.

The documentary Inside On Her Majesty’s Secret Service went into great detail about how Lazenby was dogged by show business reporters who wrote about a rift Lazenby had with co-star Diana Rigg. It also discussed how the new actor was surly when Dana Broccoli, the spouse of producer Albert R. Broccoli, organized a party while on location in Switzerland.

Lazenby would walk away from the role, a move he conceded was a bad one during a 1994 007 fan convention in Los Angeles. For Lazenby, the whole thing wasn’t a happy experience, including tension with director Peter Hunt and paying his own way to promote the film in the U.S.: