Maddox on Quantum of Solace!

One of the best places on the web to check into for some great laughs is The Best Page in the Universe by the singularly-named Maddox. His, um, unique perspective, coupled with his terrific graphic design, makes for an eye-opening reading experience.

Although we don’t necessarily agree with his findings, HIS REVIEW of Quantum of Solace is one of the funniest ever. You’d be well advised to check it out.

Outlaw Vern reviews Quantum of Solace!

America’s finest film critic (and friend of HMSS) has turned his laserlike perception on the new James Bond movie. He reports his findings at his sometimes-hang-out The Ain’t It Cool News, and the world is a better place for it. Go now AND READ IT, and you will achieve full understanding.

You’ll also laugh. A lot.

HMSS reviews Quantum of Solace


Reviews of the huge new James Bond film by our senior editorial staff and some special guests. Get yourself on over to HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVANT and commence to reading!

QoS: video blogger reviews

With the Internets, it’s not just the Roger Eberts and A.O. Scotts of the world who get to weigh in on movies. So, let’s check out what some of the video bloggers are saying:

1. “It sucked compared to Casino Royale.” Uh-oh. Doesn’t sound good. “The whole movie summed up by having him run around and punch people.”

2. This one from a reviewer who liked the movie, except he says it’s a little slow in places. The sound is a little soft:

3. OK, change of pace. Here’s a video of a BBC 5 review: “It is a mess-and-a-half of a film.”

QoS: A sampling of U.S. reviews

Let’s start with The New York Times’s A.O. Scott. He finds it a mixed bag including a “conceptually clever and visually grating” main title, and one action scene involving boats that “brings back painful memories of the invisible car that Pierce Brosnan tooled around in a few movies ago.” On the plus side, he says the locales have a “nice touristic effect.” And he says villain Dominic Greene is “one of the best in a while.”

To read Scott’s review, click HERE.

Then, there’s Joe Morgenstern in The Wall Street Journal. To say he didn’t like it is an understatement. First of all, he only devoted one paragraph (deciding to concentrate on reviewing Slumdog Millionaire). He says the film has “clumsy direction of a heartless script.”

To read Morgenstern’s (mini) review, click HERE and scroll down to the second review.

Separately, The Journal did a story about the literary Bond and how he’s different that the movie Bond. Click HERE to check it out.

Over at The Detroit News, count critic Tom Long as disappointng, only giving the film a grade of C. “’Quantum of Solace,’ the gritty, grim, stunt-stuffed 007 film that functions as a direct sequel to ‘Casino Royale,’ is certainly an action film,” Long writes. “But anyone who’s followed the franchise for more than a decade may walk away wondering, is it a Bond film?”

To take in the rest of the review, click HERE. `

This just in — QOS hits the UAE!

The all-important review from the Khaleej Times is now online!

When the Dubai newspaper-of-record gives a new James Bond film the ol’ thumbs-up, we can’t help but sleep a little more peacefully in our beds, knowing that we’ve got a winner on our hands.  The newspaper quotes a diehard 007 fan thusly:

…for Zoheb Bashir, a resident of Sharjah, Bond movies are all about the 007 suits, the flashy cars, and the gorgeous Bond girls. “It’s not something that I have been waiting to watch, but I would probably check it out over the weekend. I have seen a few of the previous Bond movies, and hope Quantum of Solace would be a better than the previous ones.”

Clearly, having seen a few of the previous Bond movies, Mr. Bashir knows his stuff.  We’ll take his imprimatur as a good sign.

You can read the entire probing analysis RIGHT HERE. And you can quell your worries about the effectiveness of this latest 007 opus right now.

Early reviews of Quantum of Solace

The Times Online caught the new, highly-anticipated, James Bond film at the London film Festival.  It’s got some good things to say about it — RIGHT HERE.

It’s relatively spoiler-free, so you don’t have to worry overmuch about your QOS virginity.

POSTSCRIPT — the BBC just weighed in with their review HERE.  And another good one it is!