Latest odds for Skyfall title song performers

A U.K. publication called the Daily Star has a story concerning the possibilities about who might be involved in performing the title song for Skyfall, the 23rd James Bond film. THAT STORY has a bit of something for everyone, including a collaboration between Queen and Lady Gaga. So caveat emptor. Still, here’s an excerpt:

Bookmakers Paddy Power have Rihanna, 23, as fav­ourite to record the song at 6-1.

But they are already offering odds of 25-1 for a Queen/Lady GaGa collaboration for Skyfall, which hits cinemas in October 2012.

One thing’s for sure, rum­oured theme tune singers Adele, 23, and Noel Gallagher have not been app­roached to do the music yet.

(David) Arnold, who also soundtracked 2007’s Quantum Of Solace told me: “I’ve heard the Adele rumours but nobody has been asked yet.

“Traditionally producers wait for the film to be made, or if I’m asked I’ll have somebody in mind.”

The story, by Kim Dawson, seems to put a lot of weight on the words of David Arnold. Problem: Arnold, after scoring five consecutive 007 films from 1997 through 2008, isn’t working on Skyfall. Thomas Newman, who has worked on multiple films with director Sam Mendes, is doing the honors. And it’s not clear whether Newman will even be involved with the title song.